Exalumni celebration in several Mexico CCVI Colleges

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Alumni celebration in Colegio Central, Puebla

Here are some activities of the Exalumni celebration in several Mexico CCVI Colleges.

Colegio Central, Puebla

280 attendees on March 11th, where students from generations ’47 to ’97 participated.

  • Acknowledgments were given during the Mass to those Alumni who celebrate anniversaries in their generations.
  • It was the farewell of the current Board and the welcoming of the new one, which will be formed by Generation-80 Alumni.
  • They will meet with Sister Carmen Ma. Robredo in May to hand over the Alumni Board, so they are gathering information and photographs of the 3 years of their management.

NOTE: The photographs shown below were taken from the following Facebook website: “Exalumnos Colegio Central Puebla.”


Alumni celebration in Colegio Central, Puebla

Colegio Mexicano, Monterrey

Held on March 11th, it had 400 attendees.

From the meeting in Mexico City, (November 8, 2016), we formed a group of 3 counselor teachers for the CM Alumni Committee.

-Invitations were sent through networks to leave their data and be spokesmen of generation, which formed an initial group of 15 alumni spokes.

– Every spokesperson was in charge of contacting their classmates for the event.

– About 5 meetings were held with the group of spokespersons to elect the Board of the ExaCM Committee:

· Miss. Teresita de Jesús Soráiz García. President.
· Miss. Socorrito Valdés Tristán. Secretary.
· Miss. Verónica Fernández de Pérez. Treasurer.

– An ad per generation was requested to congratulate the school for its 130th anniversary and they were placed on the facade of San Jerónimo Avenue.

-Time of event:

  • 8:30 Registration and coffee break.
  • 9:00 am Eucharist in the Chapel of the school
  • 10:00 Tour around the facilities (until 10: 45hs.)
  • 11:00 Concert: Esperanza Azteca Symphonic, at the Jorge Sada Gómez studio theater.
  • 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Gala meal at the Ma. de la Paz esplanade.

– Day of event:

  • Attendance registration began at 7:45 hours, we placed a table for 7 people to work there.
  • Alumni started arriving and most of them registered joyfully greeting and contemplating their school.

“The Mass started and it happened in solemn and beautiful way. We had the presence of alumni and sisters, 340 alumni attended plus more guests and ex teachers added up 400 people.

  • After the Eucharist, the participants were divided among the members of the Board, who supported us with the tour; the attendees walked the halls, corridors and they did not miss taking pictures with the board and writing messages on the whiteboards.

At 11 am, we went to the theater to enjoy a beautiful concert by “Esperanza Azteca Symphonic”.


Alumni celebration in Colegio Mexicano, Monterrey

Colegio Mexicano, Monterrey

Instituto Hispano Inglés, San Luis Potosí

Held on March 11th.

“The most important thing in our lives is not measured by the time it takes, but by the traces they leave…”

With great enthusiasm, the alumni gathered on March 11, starting with the Mass where they had the opportunity to thank God for the gifts granted during their formation as students and now alumni of the Institute, as well as asking the Incarnate Word to continue being a guide, light and shelter during our walk. After several days of rehearsal, the alumni choir participated during the religious ceremony giving a very spiritual touch.

Soon, they enjoyed the generation photography at the classic stands of graduation accompanied by the image of the Incarnate Word and the emblem of the Institute. While they were registering to enter the breakfast area, they had the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the history of the school, which was represented through some screens with a collection of photographs showing the history of the school during these 80 years, as well as posters shown of several outstanding alumni in their professional life. The representation of a tree where they could observe all the religious sisters who have been part of our Institution was very important for our alumni, who have given strength to our Institute to remain and the fruits that now we have been able to collect with our Alumni. At the same time, all the teachers who have left a very important mark in their lives were remembered.

One of the surprises that were prepared for our alumni was the design of photomontages, staging the buildings and uniforms of their time, they enjoyed taking photos accompanied by their classmates and some relatives from different generations. They had the opportunity to get a photo wearing the uniforms that they wore during their time in the Institute.

Progress consists of change, and with this quote, they were able to enjoy a screen with the changes that the school has had, comparing activities or facilities that they had before to the ones they have now (chapel, laboratories, school bus, classrooms, sport activities, library, etc.). It was very emotional to see the alumni sharing an anecdote or experience that they had lived during their time in the Institute with so much pleasure and nostalgia. They wrote down these experiences on a decorative sheet and they placed it on a “Signatures” screen, which will remain for history…

They were welcomed to the breakfast area very cordially; we gave them a commemorative cup for the 80th anniversary and a pin commemorating the Virgin Mary. Our aide-students, who wore the old and the current uniform, walked them to their reserved tables. There was a warm and familiar atmosphere accompanied by the joy of meeting with their classmates. It was very flattering for our alumni to acknowledge the attendance of our first generations, to hear the welcoming words from General Principal and from one of our alumni, and the blessing of the food by a religious sister. During the breakfast, music was played according to the ages of our guests, giving the event a touch of nostalgia.

After the great moments, there are unforgettable memories and gratitude to the Incarnate Word and the religious sisters who give us the opportunity to reconnect with our classmates and enjoy the memories, which let us live those times when we were students twice. Praised be the Incarnate Word! Forever, Amen.


Instituto Hispano Inglés, San Luis Potosí

Centro Universitario Incarnate Word, CIW, Mexico City

We held the Alumni breakfast last April 8, a total of 67 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree alumni attended.

It lasted two hours. There was a buffet breakfast, at the same time, some interviews were recorded where they told us about their experiences before, during and after CIW.

At the end, we had a raffle where we gave discounts to our programs, scholarships for postgraduate and some office and home items.

Instituto Miguel Ángel

  • 226 people attended, including the presence of invited Sisters and Professors. -The Mass started at 9:00 a.m., where we were supported by the Students Music band along with Professor Rodolfo Sánchez Armas in the choir. The Mass took place in the Chapel of the School, where we lived an atmosphere of brotherhood and joy, it was also very emotional as we remembered all those Alumni who died during this year as well as requests for those who are very ill and in need. We also asked for the alumni of 47, 57, 67, 77, 87 and 97 generations, who celebrated their graduation anniversary.
  • The entrance of the attendees to the Gym, where we had the Breakfast was quick and without mishaps. We had the support of 4 Section Principals: Elementary school, Middle school, High school and the General Administrator who were in charge of the registration of each attendee.
  • We had the support of 4 High school Social Service students, who supported us at all times with good attitude and companionship.
  • At the entrance to the gym, there was a screen with photos from previous breakfasts hung with clothespins. The Alumni could take any they liked. – Breakfast was served by the banqueting company Paladares Gómez Tagle, the menu was orange or grapefruit juice, red fruits in a basket with cassis, pumpkin flower crepes, mushrooms and chicken, coffee, tea or chocolate, sweet and savory bread. The menu was very nice for the attendees.
  • The setting was made by tables of generation, where we had long tables of about 40 people of those generations that are very participative year by year. At each table, there was a sign with the # of generation and a Welcoming message: “The Incarnate Word will always be present within each one of you, we are very happy to have you here, YOUR HOUSE. Together for IMA!”, We also left a little piece of paper in each plate to update the data of each alumni.
  • We set up a photo set, made with two screens where a large canvas was hung full of IMA emblems in different sizes, and there were 4 open-from-behind uniforms so that the Alumni could try them on over their clothes and take a memory picture. The photos were supported by the use of Emoticons.
  • We had the presence of two people from Casa San Ángel (Marisa and Alejandra) who received donations for the Sisters in Peru who are in extreme need. We thank all those who made donations, we collected $ 8,400 pesos.
  • Sr. Ma. Luisa Vélez named the Alumni of the first High School generation: Luz Longoria Gama (43-44 generation) who accompanied us along with her daughter who was very emotionally applauded. -We all prayed the Angelus at 12: 00hrs led by Sister Montserrat Dávila.
  • We offered a Table of Sweets with great variety for all likings; each sweet was individually bagged with a “thank you for joining us” tag.
  • For this year, we had the attendance of alumni who had never participated in any previous breakfast. Large groups of generations gathered who enthusiastically hugged and greeted each other.

There was an atmosphere of cordiality and companionship, the event finished after 14:00hrs because some alumni still did not want to leave.


Instituto Miguel Ángel

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra School, San Andrés Tuxtla

Alumni Georgina Suárez López Velarde commented the following:

“Work as Alumni Committee is not being done, there are games, jokes, and anecdotes evenings, we have a chronicler, a ballet, etc. We have visits to the asylum were I usually go by on my own. The visits are in the afternoon, they are fruitful and beautiful, since we bring joy and enthusiasm to the grandparents, it is an activity that fills my soul.”

The day of the Incarnate Word was celebrated in a Forum with two Former Teachers and one Alumni, this was at the request of the Principal who requested it this way now that she had different activities and commitments.

Torreón, Colegio la Paz Alumni

A Mass was held in the same Church of the previous year celebration, the Father who officiated the Eucharist has been the same one ever when the College La Paz was still in function.

Approximately 26 people met, they were asked for a voluntary contribution to pay the Father, the Choir, the flowers and the Church.

-It was a very joyful encounter.


Torreón, Colegio la Paz Alumni


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