Finding Humanity: May 6 – 12

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In the midst of this crisis in which we live, we want to share with you some good weekly news, news of hope, important or simple acts and gestures that unite us as a community of men and women of faith-driven by the force of hope.

Pope at Mass prays for artists: ‘without beauty, we cannot understand the Gospel’

Pope Francis celebrates Thursday morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta with special prayers for artists and an invitation to Christians never to forget they are part of the chosen people of God.

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Flamingos Have Taken Over Mumbai As Humans Sit in Quarantine — and the Photos Are Amazing

Migrating flamingos have turned the city pink.

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Giving Life

The third article in the series “Living Beyond the Crisis” by Father Lombardi. The example of doctors, nurses, priests, and those who give of themselves in service to the sick is a lesson we must take with us from these times.

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Countries Easing Restrictions

After successful periods of social distancing measures, some countries have started easing their lockdown restrictions. 

To kick off this week, New Zealand announced that there had been no more local transmissions of Covid-19, meaning some non-essential businesses, healthcare and education can resume after a month of strict lockdown. Many people are still required to stay at home. The picture above shows Kiwi pro surfing champion Ava Henderson returning to the sea.

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Beauty Banks Campaign

The charity Beauty Banks, which is essentially like a food bank but for personal care and hygiene products, issued an urgent appeal at the weekend for donations. The organization said the money would then be used to buy people living in poverty – who can’t afford to stockpile – soap, hand sanitizer, body wash, tissues, and more.

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Hoping Llamas Will Become Coronavirus Heroes

Antibodies from Winter, a 4-year-old llama with great eyelashes, have neutralized coronavirus and other infections in lab experiments.

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One Marketer Helps Thousands Of Struggling Individuals Pay Rent, Other Bills Amid Coronavirus

#RENTRELIEF is a rather popular tag on social media nowadays, chronicling the struggles of thousands of individuals around the globe, unable to pay their bills as the coronavirus pandemic continues to paralyze economies.

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Damien Hirst’s Help the Hungry solidarity image displayed across UK

Artwork in aid of Independent campaign raised to show solidarity with those tackling hunger in their communities.

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If You Had to Cancel or Postpone Your Wedding Because of COVID-19, You Could Win a Free Mini-moon (Video)

Coffee Meets Bagel and Getaway are teaming up to give 10 lucky couples a free vacation.

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Love, loss, communal life in an intergenerational community

The Rule of Benedict says that, in the monastery, we shouldn’t rank ourselves by age or social status, but by the amount of time that we have spent in the community. By that metric, I’m the second “youngest” out of our 89 sisters. But by the very human, unavoidable metric of chronological age, I am definitely the baby as a newly-minted 27-year-old. While there’s a sizable contingent of young-to-middle-aged people here, like most communities of U.S. women religious, the bulk of us are concentrated in their 70s and 80s, with a few in their 90s and beyond.

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Dutch Farmers Are Writing Special Messages in Their Tulips (Video)

These tulip fields want you to #staystrong.

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Dutch farmer uses tulip field to send 'stay strong' COVID message

A tulip grower in the Netherlands has named a new variant of tulip—a mix of red and yellow tulips—"stay strong" as a tribute to health care workers and transformed a field of 3 to 4.5 million of the flowers to display the phrase.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Wednesday, April 29, 2020


On the header, picture by Dutch Daffodils, obtained from


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