God’s Kingdom Community: closing of the Jubilee Activities

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On Thursday, March 5, at Casa San Ángel, we had the monthly visit to the Sisters at the Infirmary to have the closing of the Jubilee Activities with them.

We took apart a big jigsaw puzzle of the logo for the 150th Anniversary, as a symbolic action for the end of the celebrations. We removed one piece at a time remembering the reflections that the Congregation sent us every month, and revealing a collage with images and words that have now become a legacy of this Jubilee.

The Sisters remembered different events they lived this year and in previous years, and that have been important and significant for them. We assembled the logo once more, under the collage with the participation of the Sisters and the Associates working together. When we finished, we all sang the Hymn to the Incarnate Word.

Let us thank God for letting us celebrate this Jubilee with great joy with the Senior Sisters for a year. We ask the Incarnate Word to give us the impulse to really live “Al life for God and a heart for others.”

By Leticia Nacher. God’s Kingdom Community.


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