Praying with windows, day 8

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“He knelt down, and prayed, ‘Father if you are willing, remove this cup from me'” (Luke 22:41-42).

Jesus understands suffering and fear. Let us pray for all of us who are afraid, or who are suffering.


Litany of Solidarity and Hope During a Pandemic


For those who are sick.
For those with chronic illnesses and underlying health concerns.
For all those who are suffering.

For those who are lonely.
For those who have no one to check on them.
For families that are separated.

For those who are unemployed.
For those suffering financial hardships.
For those who face an uncertain future.

For those who are suffering from physical or emotional abuse.
For those who are disproportionally suffering because of societal structures and unjust policies.
For those who are struggling with physical or mental disabilities.
For those who are overwhelmed by anxiety and stress.

For those who are dying.
For those who have died while saving the lives of others.
For all who have lost their lives.

For those who have survived.
For those who have lost their spouses.
For children who have been orphaned.
For all those who mourn and those who comfort them.

For firefighters, police, and emergency medical workers.
For doctors, nurses, and all health care professionals.
For those who serve in the armed forces.

For public officials.
For business leaders.
For educators.
For innovators and inventors who provide new solutions.

For peace in our city and in our world.
For renewed friendships among neighbors.
For solidarity and unity among all peoples.
For a greater appreciation and love of all humanity.

For patience and perseverance.
For calm in the midst of fear.
For the grace to overcome adversity.

For generosity of spirit.
For hope in times of despair.
For light in the darkness.

Gracious and Loving God,
You are our comforter and our hope.
Hear our prayers as we come before you.
Strengthen us in this time of need.
Inspire us to acts of solidarity and generosity
and give us hope of a brighter future.

Joseph P. Shadle, Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio).


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  1. Linda Ieremia

    For me Patient and Perserverance is a work and progress. I do have faith however sometimes my expectations are out of sync for example other within my household are not up to my standards.
    I will have the victory and have the desires of my heart.

    Its good to know that there is Power in Prayer and without a shadow of a doubt we will get the Victory.


    • Amormeus

      Linda, thank you for share your reflection with us!


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