Presence – Relationship

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Presence – Relationship

Link to download: Presence – Relationship

Being the presence of God

As CCVI, we reveal the God of our Relationships: this FATHER AND MOTHER GOD.

“We need to see, listen, feel, taste, and love the action of God in the world, in the people and their cultures… this is where the Kingdom grows” (The Spirituality of the CCVI Missionary).

Jesus, the Incarnate Word, was able to get close to people in interpersonal relationships, including physical contact (Jn 13,23), emotional empathy, pleasure (Lc 10,21) and the emotional support given and received by others… (Jn 21,15-18). 

  • Jesus is NOT a Teachers like others  Jn4; Jn1, 47ss; Lc19, 1ss
  • Offering a new WAY OF LIFE, the healing process for people and relationships. Lc15, 8ss; Lc8, 22ss; Mt13, 1ss; Mt18, 20; Mc8, 27ss
  • A PROPHETIC community, a new way to BE and to be PRESENT. Jn57, 5ss; Mt27, 55ss

Questions for reflection:

Reflect on your own RELATIONSHIP – EXPERIENCE with this “scandalously fascinating” Jesus.

  • Are you, and your relationships, a living WITNESS of the KINGDOM?
  • What call to personal and community transformation have you been able to hear in this meditation?

The “Prophetic Witness” of Authentic Relationships

This is a time of HOPE: the creativity of the open table: the time of “INTER”

The blessing of CRISIS is that it opens to us a new Horizon Gén11; He2, 1ss

  • Renouncing relationships of “exclusive belongings” and embracing relationships of “solidarity and inclusivity”. Jn8; He54
  • The CRISIS will be a blessing if it leads us to prophetic paths of CONVERSION


  • The utopia of hope is NOT NOSTALGIA, but a PLAN Ex12,3
  • Some characteristics of this time of HOPE Jn3, 8 · 
  • The PRESENT, asceticism of HOPE Jn2, 28

The open table of INTER

  • The guest is not a “perfect,” but is being reconciled with their FRAGILITY Ef4, 17ss
  • Becoming SISTERS with all the “impoverished” of our society Mt24, 74

Questions for Reflection

  • In general, how do you experience crisis? As discomfort, or fear, or, an opportunity offered to you for growth and transformation?
  • How can the crisis in society, the Church, even in Religious Life, be a blessing in your personal and community life? What are the conditions for it to be so?
  • Does hope make you a dreamer of an unreal future or transform you into an enthusiastic and creative “player” in the PRESENT?

By Sister Pilar Neira.


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