The Joy of Giving

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We are living in difficult times which call us to reflect on current and emerging needs in our society.

How will you continue to support charitable organizations and their ministry needs? Have you thought about future planned gifts? You can choose a method of giving that protects your family’s needs and offers greater tax savings while helping others in need. Generally planned gifts are not typically made from your current income. They are helpful ways to continue giving during this times of change.

Suggested ways to contribute to the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in the future:

  • Include us in your will or trust. This is an easy and flexible way to extend your support. You can give a specific amount or leave a percentage of your estate.
  • Donate retirement plan assets. By making a simple designation on your plan’s beneficiary designation form, you can save your heirs from significant tax burden while supporting our students and programs.
  • Donate a life insurance policy. You can donate a no-longer needed policy or simply name the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word as the beneficiary.

To learn more about the various ways you can make a planned gift to the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, contact Esther at 210-828-2224 or

Gifts and Donations (January 1st - December 31st 2016)

Gifts and Donations (January 1st – December 31st 2016)

Benefactors – 06/01/2016 – 12/31/2016

* Donors who have given monthly, bimonthly, biannually // ** Deceased

S. Bernadette Forck *

S. Rose Mary Forck

Mary Helen McMahon **

Ernie Sadau *

S. Jennie Torregrossa **


S. Jennie Torregrossa

Grace Torregrossa Green*

Jesse J. Aguilar, Jr. *

Army Residence Community (ARC)

Catholic Charities William Albracht *

S. Bernadette Anderwald **

Myra & John Gillean

Sara Kolb *

Mary “Carolyn” Schullian *

St. Catherine of Siena Church



General Leadership Team & Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word; Santa Rosa leaders

John E. Bel *



Srs. Mary Brian Sherry, Dorothy Ettling, Dorothea Burke, Clarita Burke

John E. Bel *

Donna & Bob Frick S. Sarah Lennon *

S. Brigid Mollaghan Arthur M. Southam *

Sandra S. Williams *



Bridget McDermott Flood

Nancy Hawes

S. Josetta Eveler

Billye Olson *



S. Geri Eveler, Pamela Ingram, Jackie Roberts

Billye Olson *

Nancy & Charlie Cheever

S. Marian Jordan

Steven P. Keuer

Paul Klotman

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Laura *

Lynch-Enger Family Charitable Fund

Stuart Parker

Charles Schlabs



Diamond Jubilee

S. Mary Veronica Drugan *

S. Carol Ann Jokerst

Patricia Michelette

Leo D. Holland *

S. Marie Green

Geraldine Lindemann

S. Brigid Mollaghan

June S. Lively

2016 Jubilarians

S. Walter Maher

S. Bernadette Forck

Diamond Jubilee

Jane K. Maurer *

Ann Donlon-Gruske

S. Marian Jordan Diamond Jubilee

Philomena C. Mellody *

S. Walter Maher

Kenneth L. O’Krent, Ph.D *



S. Mary Brian Sherry

S. Maria del Carmen Hernandez

S. Ma. del Socorro Fuentes Garcia

S. Ma. Teresa Gonzalez Heredia

S. Bernadette Anderwald

S. Brigid Conlon

S. Jennie Torregrossa

S. Ma. de las Nieves Navarro H.

S. Florence Zdeb


Dr. John Hess

John P. Hess, III

Shirley Canepa Vaughn

Jane K. Maurer *

Nellie Maher

Kenneth L. O’Krent, Ph.D *

S. Mildred Warminski

Ernestine Warminski

Duane & Theresa Albracht

Teresa Almaraz



Gilbert G. Arias

Morton W. Baird II

Jose D. Baling

Morris Berk, III

Alan Boggess

Kevin J. & Arleen Bradley

James L. Branton

S. Rosemary Burke *

Mary Burkhalter Mueller

Norma V. Busse

Mary A. & Maureen Claps

Clear Lake United Methodist Church

Rev. James Conway

John DeHan

B. J. DeLong

Rachel Dowler

Davlyn Duesterhaus

Sherria A. Dunlap *

John F. Dworaczyk

Jill Eckl

S. Mary Eustace Farrell

Belle Fennessey *

Nancy A. Fisher *

Daniel M. Ford *

S. Eileen Friel

Michael Gately *

John G. Gegner

Thomas R. Gish

John J. Gokelman (Lt Col, Ret)

Jaime Gonzalez

Deacon Edward De Lorenzo *

Kathleen A. Graffam

S. Mary Catherine Grehan

Diana M. Gribble

W. Scott Hanle

W. Patrick Harris

Charles B. & Janet Hilton

Monica Hoegger

Ron & Regina Hoelting *

Howard L. Homan

Incarnate Word Academy

Incarnate Word Foundation

Martha James

Jean A. Walsh *

S. Conchessa Johnston

Lawrence Jokerst

Paul D. Juarez Jr. *

Marti Kanemaru

Christina Kelley *

Patricia F. Klar

Jeanne Kriegshauser

Helen LaPat Smith

Susan D. Locke, D.D.S.

Charles D. Lutz III

David Maize

Pat Maloney

Enedina E. Martinez

Theodore J. Masterson

Pamela A. Mathy *

Anthony J. Maurin, Jr.

John F. McCarthy

Richard J. McCracken **

Janie C. Medellin *

Linda Menton

Mary Alice Menzenwerth

Joline R. Molstad

James Monahan

Lauren Montes *

Donna S. Munt *

Rosemary Newman Siebert

Esther Wingsheung Ng *

Donald F. O’Brien

Brenda L. Perez

Patricia Quinonez-Gomez

Mary Nell Richter

Pat Robbins

Thomas Roche

Blanca Rosa Rodriguez *

Mike Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez *

Albert R. Russomano

Charles A. Schmidt

Robert Short *

Carolyn Sobotka

Marilyn E. Stangl

Pamela G. Stetz

Matt Stokely

Mary Catherine Strope

Paul A. Swasko

Steve Tatarian

R. O. Taylor

L. W. Tschoepe

Timothy J. Turner

James G. Van Straten

Thomas A. Vetter

Charles & Joyce Vieth

Saundra Watts *

Lois Ann Wolta



S. Francine Keane

Louis & Mary Bartscher *

Sisters who served in Jefferson City, MO

Cyril M. Baumhoer

Esther Ng

Jennifer Bligh

2017 Jubilarians

S. Regina Brandt

S. Brigid Conlon **

Oriel Carey *

S. Germaine Corbin

Cynthia Ann Carr *

Sisters who served in St. Frances of Rome, Cicero, IL

William J. Connell

Chester Kulis

S. Sheila Ruane

Deacon Edward De Lorenzo *

2016 Jubilarians

S. Teresa Grabber *

Peter F. Maddox

S. Feliciana Mejia *

S. Guadalupe Rodriguez *

S. Bernadette Forck

Peggy Gretlein *

S. Corine Walsh

Robert G. Holecek

S. Feliciana Mejia

Barbara J. Jacobson

S. Carol Ann Jokerst

David Jokerst

Cheryl Craig

Cathy Leary, Ph.D.

S. Margaret Mannion

Barbara A. Little

S. Maureen Wilson

Timothy Mahood

S. Francisca Eiken

Mathilda (Kelly) H. Meyer

S. Regina Brandt

S. Michele O’Brien

S. Teresa Maya

Teresa Lynn Posakony

S. Margaret Mannion

John P. (Jack) Ruane

Joseph L. Ruane

Todd Schmidt

Ronald & Mary Lou Schmidt

S. Marie Green

Colleen Schreiber

Serra Sippel

Richard L. Sippel

Bridget Flood

John A. Slosar, Jr.

S. Kathleen Coughlin

Celika Storm

S. Anne Birmingham

John H. Wilson, III



Shirley Canepa Vaughn

Allan Bissinger Electrical Sales Corp.

Julie R. Bolen

Michael Joseph Keeffe

Peter & Cliffe Laborde

Joann Monjure

Trudy and Lowell Oswald, Jr.

S. Clement Eagan

Adrienne L Barnett

Judith C. Barnett *

S. Lawrence Marie Tobin

Carmen Blake

Deceased family members

John E. Boeckman

S. Mary of Perpetual Help Dowling

Jane G. Bolger

S. Mary Helene Probst

Sara P. Brandt

Brendan & Elena Hall

Ellen H. Brennan

S. Mary Catherine Hein

Catherine Busch

S. Brigid Conlon

Oriel Carey

S. Brigid Conlon

Roman W. Gales

Bridget McCarthy

Viola Cavallini

Adrian Cavallini

S. Esther Chavez

Luis Chavez, Sr. *

Estela Miller

The Associates

Mary A. & Maureen Claps

Martha Collier Omohuvidro

S. Helen Ann Collier

S. Margaret Conneely

Thomas L. Conneely

Maureen McGee

S. Elizabeth King

Suzanne L. Croasdale

S Jennie Torregrossa

Doris G. Cruz

Daniel Culbertson

Carolyn T. Gaido

Phyllis A. McCulley

Ross J. Novelli

S. Anne Catherine Shaw

Deacon Edward De Lorenzo *

Jim Doyle, Eileen Doyle, Patrick Doyle

Sr. Mary Dolores Doyle

S. Adela Eiken

Glen Forck

Mathilda (Kelly) H. Meyer

S. Patricia Kelley

Stephen O. Frank

Helen Patricia Kelley

Christi Funk

John C. Funk

Deceased Members of Garavaglia Family

Leonard L. Garavaglia

S. Tarcisius Flaherty

Janet E. Gluszak *

Dick McCracken

Margaret A. Hayes-Obringer

S. Ann Murphy

Josephine J. Hernandez

Charles Kolb; Gerard & Rose Forck; S. Mary Rose Forck; Jacob & Magdalen Kolb

Charles J. Kolb

S. Mary Gabriel Landwehr

James J. Landwehr

S. Bertha Franco

Most Rev. John J. Leibrecht

Ellen Walsh

Ellen Loiero

Jane Ellen Perron Seay

Toni Lucas

S. Margaret Ann Bosch

Margaret A. Maasen

Bishop Sidney Metzger; Oscar & Alice Metzger; Oscar F.Metzger

Joseph W. Metzger

Byron LeFlore

John K. Mitchell *

S. Mary Cunningham

Mary Lou Mueller *

S. Bridget Murrin

Ben L. Nieswiadomy

S. Mary Vincent

Ann O’Sullivan

Joseph J. Weich

Olga Ochoa Weich *

Prof. Wm. Anthony Reily

Nancy E. Pawel

Barbara Preiser

Jane Raven Smith

Paul & Margaret Forck

Ron Riddle

Neal Roper

Dale Roper *

Jean Marie Winn Morgan

Sarita Sagebiel

Srs. Eleanor Ann Young & Mary Daniel Healy

Beth Senne-Duff, PhD

S. Margaret Ann Masson

Gene A. Snellen

S. Marianne Kramer

Camille Wilson


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