The Mystery of the Incarnation is the Foundation of our Life

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Feast of the Annunciation- March 2021

Reflection by S. Teresa Maya

Praised be the Incarnate Word!

Our Congregation recognizes “the Mystery of the Incarnation as the foundation of our Charism, lives, and Spirituality” (CCVI Constitutions, No.2).

Today we are gathered to celebrate our call to live into that mystery. My heart is overcome with the joy of seeing people here at our Incarnate Word Chapel, but also because, for the first time, we are bringing people into this Chapel through the magic of technology from every corner of our Incarnate Word Family. Thank you for being here.

I invite us to reflect on this Mystery of the Incarnation and what it means to our Congregational Family using three images, delighted that this technology will make it possible, and asking that you allow me this liturgical license.

Reflecting on what the Incarnation has meant this year of multiple pandemics- this year of challenge, and loss, and thirst for justice, I believe we need to begin with creation. My first image is a picture I took the day we signed a conservation easement for the Headwaters at Incarnate Word. After the signature, I invited the Sisters I live with to come to the Headwaters and just breathe what this meant to our Congregation, to this city, and to our common home.

Nature reminds us everything and everyone is connected. Nature has restored balance to our lives. Nature has helped us through this year. So many of us have used a walk outdoors, a small plant, the tree outside as a reminder that God’s meant all of us to stay connected, that every small thing we do has an impact somewhere else. To appreciate the sacredness of all creation- of each human being, of our common home is to honor God’s option in the Incarnation, God’s choice to walk among us, to keep us connected, engaged, in constant Encuentro.

Virgin Annunciate, painted by Antonello da Messina


My second image is a painting of the Annunciation by Antonio de Messina. Today’s Gospel reminds us that the Incarnation happened in the midst of a conversation. The Incarnation is a beautiful ongoing dialogue between God and God’s people. The Angel and Mary have a conversation. The painting shows us Mary, and her hands speak volumes; one hand seems to be saying, “How can this be? Let me think about this,” or “wait,” the other is saying, “me, are you telling me.” The hands in the painting echo the words in our Founding Letter, Bishop Dubuis… called our Congregation saying our Lord Jesus Christ awaits relief at your hands, our hands. We are part of the Annunciation Conversation … “How can this be? … You mean me!”- Today´s Gospel reminds us that God needs our hands to make the unfolding mystery of the Incarnation possible.

And… my final image is very new, from the Space Program to Mars. As the pandemics have been tossing and turning us in the tumultuous sea of chaos, some of our scientists have been focused on their mission to Mars. Recently, I found out that the land rover currently sending us stunning pictures from Mars is called PERSEVERANCE and that the helicopter it will launch this week is called INGENUITY.

Illustration of NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter flying on Mars.

Clever names! Profound truth! There can be no creativity, imagination, possibility – in short- Ingenuity, without perseverance. This year has tested our perseverance, and much creativity, possibility, opportunity has been created because of it. Our ministries here today are witnesses to that.

When I was a “little nun,” I learned the prayer of perseverance, “La oración de perseverancia”, Sisters pray every day to persevere in their beloved vocation. Today I pray for perseverance for our entire Incarnate Word Family, so we can then launch our ingenuity, for mission.

We have been called to Love, to be love. May we do this with Perseverance and Ingenuity.

Praised be the Incarnate Word.

Happy Feast everyone!


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