Vocation Ministry September News

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By Vocation Ministry Team.

Vocation Ministry is a commitment of each one of us in the place where we find ourselves living the mission of the Incarnation through the various activities or being present and communion.

We thank each one of her for her support and prayers for the vocations, especially Sister Lina Soto for the rosaries that she has given us for the Vocational Ministry activities.

We continue to work with this mission in the parishes and dioceses, as well as in teams with the various religious congregations.

The CCVI vocation ministry team (Sister Carmelita Rodríguez, Sister Guille Holguín, Sister Angelita Hernández, Sister Ma. Elena Rocha, Sister Pilar Neira, Sister Mayela Morales, and Sister Alba Castellanos) met virtually to remain united in prayer, and continue assuming the challenges and work with youth, especially with girls who want to meet and continue discovering their call from our spirituality of the Incarnation.

We remain united in prayer for our vocation and the vocation of the girls who are in this quest to respond to God’s call.

We thank the Flor y Canto Community, from Chilcuautla, Hidalgo, for their availability and support and for receiving 2 girls from the Diocese of San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, to know and continue discerning their vocation from experience in the CCVI mission.

We share some photos of our Vocational Ministry meetings and activities in Puebla, Monterrey, and Hidalgo: from the meeting in Puebla; of the experience in the Community of Flor y Canto; of the meeting of the Vocational Ministry team in Monterrey, N.L; of the training for young people on the vocational process in Monterrey; of the participation in the activity of the Vocational Festival (VOCFEST); and, finally, on the presence and communion with the Pastoral Coordinators of our CCVI schools and with the IMA pastoral team, sharing the faith from our spirituality of the Incarnation.



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