“You Need You” – Incarnate Word University Bajio Campus

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Submitted with the goal to improve the lives of women suffering from family violence and abuse and very low self-esteem, this project provides training for these women to help them locate jobs and to grow self-confidence. Lack of sufficient skill training in the area was identified as important to the growth of the women in this population. Collaborating with INMIRA (Instituto de las Mujeres Irapuatenses), trainers were engaged to provide classes in nail and eyebrow cosmetology, as well as autonomy and self-assessment workshops called “You Need You”. Supplies were purchased and advertising was done about the classes. The course has been aimed at ten women who have experienced a situation of violence with the intention of providing them with personal and work tools for the development of a trade. Topics of discussion and education include non-violence against women, distributive equality and economic autonomy, glass ceiling, gender roles, care economy, rights for women, and respect for their integrity. The second part of the project focuses on a life free of violence, the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights and the autonomy of decisions. A challenge was to find candidates to participate in the courses because of the issue of violence within the families and discretion in handling the issues by the victims, but with the assistance of INMIRA, this was overcome. The courses took place in a space provided by INMIRA, and the hope is that these women will grow in their self-esteem and their independence.


Learn about the Grant “Sisters Supporting Women for a Better World” here.


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