Youth in Action

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HELLO…!!!! TODAY WE ARE YOUTH IN ACTION and we have proposed 3 great ideas by means of which we commit to recognize that simple actions can lead to great changes: we apply recycling to contribute to the care of our common home, to complement this wonderful idea we seek to heal through sowing while promoting more green spaces, more crops, more life and oxygen; none of this could be achieved if we do not apply our third idea which is prayer, prayer with our families who are the ones who accompany us in our first impulses, this little moment in which we entrust ourselves to the Lord and ask for the ending to the situation we are going through with this pandemic.

Each idea must be expanded, that is why you, young friend, from where you are, can apply these beautiful ideas. Join us to continue generating changes, however small or simple … at the end of the road everything generates a great impact.


In a sharing that we had in Surge, within all the ideas that came to us regarding that question, we came to the conclusion that everything starts from love, the love that we can have for ourselves, that same love from when the Word became flesh and shared our humanity. We agreed that love is the greatest meaning of life and we reflect it in our treatment of others, in caring for our own person, in caring for our common home. SO YOUNG MAN, YOUNG WOMAN, I TELL YOU …! let yourself be carried away by love and focus on prayer so that we remain youth in action.


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