“Social Intervention Project to Contribute to eradication of Pregnancy in young girls and reduction in teenagers through education” – Cervantes Saavedra School

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Students from the Cervantes Saavedra School in Mexico interacted with junior and high school female students with a high risk of unplanned or undesired pregnancies. Parents were involved in this educational process to learn the realities of an unwanted pregnancy. Working with the area’s Health Jurisdiction, talk workshops were held on sex education for students in primary and secondary schools in the Xoteapan community. Supplies were purchased to donate to the young women. While it was initially difficult to break through on the subject of pregnancy, baskets with needed items were delivered to 12 young women about to give birth, and a change in attitude was noticed. Work continues with the physicians in San Andres who attend to the group of pregnant young women to know their needs. A small business was started by some students to help with support.


Learn about the Grant “Sisters Supporting Women for a Better World” here.


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