We Continue Celebrating 150 Years CCVI

by Nov 29, 2019150 Anniversary, Blog0 comments

This 8th of November, at Chimbote, we held a Conference of the Spirituality in Incarnation. We were accompanied by 160 people and it was, above all, a call for a great youth group.

We began with the presentation of our Sister Teresa Maya, who shared with us the meaning of Jubilee from Spirituality.

Brother Hugo Cáceres, CFC, allowed us to take a tour of the biblical texts that illuminate our Spirituality of the Incarnation.

Followed by Brother David Cuenca, CSV, who presented us with the daily presence of CCVIs in Peru from the ministries and pastoral.

Our Sister Hirayda Blacido shared her testimony of having Incarnated our Spirituality in Peruvian lands.

We continue sharing the joy of the congregational Jubilee.

Praise the Incarnate Word!



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