Thursday after Ash Wednesday

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by Lourdes Wiggens, US Staff cheerleader, and Executive Assistant to Sr. Tere Maya, Congregational Leader.


It’s winter in San Antonio,

And the gentle breezes blow,

15 miles an hour, at 10 below.


The snowflakes sail gently

Down from the misty eye of the Lone Star sky,

And fall lightly upon the city I love.

I take a breath of winter air

And my nose is frozen shut.

Snowflakes freeze my toes

As I make passing foot prints in the snow.


Yes, this cold weather is passing through,

Providing a moment of silence and thought.

I shall smile and be grateful, while I stop to pause…

Pause before judging

Pause before assuming

Pause before accusing

Pausing to make space for my thoughts and prayer.


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